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Mourinho claims he has improved as a coach and a person when he first came to prominence

Silver-haired Roma manager Jose Mourinho would prefer to refer to himself as “the Sage One” given that he is 60 and is ready to oversee his sixth European final.
Twenty years after helping Porto win the UEFA Cup, Mourinho saw himself as a “better coach” and a “better person.”
Mourinho was questioned on Thursday about how things have changed for him since he first appeared on the European arena. Mourinho famously referred to himself as a “Special One” when he was unveiled as Chelsea manager in 2004.
Our work is different from that of a player. At Roma's media day for the Europa League final, Mourinho observed, “You can be better and better with your experiences. “As a player, you depend on your body, and it goes without saying that your body reacts differently at different ages—whether you're 30 or 40.
“As a coach, I believe that as you age, your mind becomes sharper and your knowledge base gets better. My misconception that you cease when your drive wanes is incorrect; each day, my motivation increases. That is not an issue for me. I thus feel better today.
In order to deliver a second European trophy to the Italian city after winning the Europa Conference League in his debut season with the Giallorossi, Roma will play Europa League specialist Sevilla next Wednesday in Budapest, Hungary.
Mourinho has won all five of his finals in Europe. Along with the Europa League with Manchester United, he also won the Champions League with Porto and Inter Milan.
We should be able to play a final every week, Mourinho lamented.
The Portuguese manager was also questioned on what he emotionally leaves behind at each of his teams when he departs, with rumours rife about whether Mourinho would honour the third and final season of his contract at Roma.
Mourinho answered by mentioning his former position, when he lost his job at Tottenham six days before the English League Cup final due to indifference in the locker room and increasing frustration with his defensive strategies.
The only club in my career where I don't still have a strong emotional connection is Tottenham, Mourinho stated. “I hope the Tottenham fans don't get me wrong,” he said. “perhaps because (team chairman Daniel) Levy didn't let me win a final and win a trophy, perhaps because the stadium was empty (because to the pandemic). However, it is the only one. I have a link to Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, and Manchester United, among other teams.
In Italy, I frequent the streets often and always run upon Inter supporters. I visit London and interact with both Chelsea and Manchester United supporters. Real Madrid everywhere,” Mourinho said. “It has to do with the sensation that gives you everything. Some people believe that you can't adore every club. I do like every club, yes. Every club has my heart because I believe they feel the same way about me. Therefore, even if it could be challenging at some point, Roma and I will always be linked, just like I am with all of my prior teams (apart from Mr. Levy's club).
Tammy Abraham, a favourite of Mourinho and a striker for Roma, is likewise evasive about his future. His second season at Roma saw him score 27 goals in all competitions, thus this season has been difficult with just nine goals.
Abraham still has affection for Mourinho, however.
Abraham added, “I always call him my uncle of Rome. He is skilled at motivating me. He has the ability to annoy me. He would remind me that I still need to do more even if I were now playing my greatest football of my career. Players need a coach who can motivate them both at their best and worst.
Roma may need to win the Europa League to ensure a berth in the Champions League for the next season. Roma is now sixth in Serie A with two games remaining, including a visit to Conference League finalist Fiorentina on Sunday.
Abraham will be expected to score goals since gifted but often injured striker Paulo Dybala will likely only be available for 15 to 20 minutes of the championship game.
Abraham will undoubtedly have a good time at Roma whether or not he succeeds, however.
You will value it much more if, after a successful career, you can state that you lived in Rome for a period of time. “I came here to broaden my horizons, acquire a new skill, and discover a new way of life. I have no regrets at all. I like living here, and it has given me the opportunity to gain experience that I can take with me if I decide to return to England in the future.

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