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Sunny Leone breaks down when discussing her Cannes debut: I'll always be grateful to Anurag Kashyap for this

Every time Sunny Leone discusses her involvement in Kennedy, which had its world debut as part of the Midnight Screenings Section at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, she breaks down in tears. She calls the experience “unbelievable in every way and so thrilling.”
Sunny's life has been quite the trip since she was born Karenjit Kaur Vohra in Canada to Indian and Sikh parents. Did she ever imagine that her involvement in the adult entertainment sector and her audacious decision to go to India and compete in Bigg Boss would eventually bring her to Cannes? “Definitely not. Not a single percentage. I've had some insane ups and downs in my life, but everything changed when Anurag Sir picked up the phone and assured me that I would be OK as Charlie. She exclaims, “Just one phone call made me so pleased.
How Charlie in Kennedy was cast in Sunny
Sunny continues by describing how she got the job. “Even though it had been a while since I had performed in an audition, I felt confident in my ability to deliver the lines, but I was also really anxious. The nicest thing that occurred was that people who had never talked to me before would approach me and say, “Oh, we saw Kennedy and we really liked your part.” He began showing people this film while it was still in the editing process. I will always be grateful to Anurag Kashyap for showing me so much love, care, and respect, even if nothing else positive comes from this festival.
How Charlie became Sunny
This year in Cannes, a slew of prominent Bollywood divas made news for walking the red carpet, but Sunny Leone is the only one who has the privilege of attending the festival with her film. Sunny tells us in her interview with us about how she prepared for the part, “Anurag Sir wanted me to have this certain chuckle. I believe that we all know someone who hides behind their grin and laugh. who makes you believe everything is okay when they are really struggling within. I can identify with this. I recognised her personality. People see me as incredibly confident, someone who is not insecure, and someone who doesn't feel terrible about trolling in light of all that has happened to me over the last ten years, but they fail to remember that I am still human and that these things do have an impact on you.
For Sunny, it is undoubtedly a momentous occasion and “the nicest feeling ever. I keep saying Anurag Sir, thank you for taking up the phone and phoning me, since a director of his calibre has not done so up to this time. It's a pleasant sensation.
What will Sunny do next?
What will happen to her now that her ambition of performing in Cannes has come true? She asserts that future predictions are impossible. “This is a time I want to save for myself. I can't go knocking on doors and asking people to cooperate with me to alter the way business is done. I anticipate that everything will proceed as planned.
Sunny said, “I'll tell my younger self to not worry,” when asked what she would want to say to her younger self. Tomorrow is going to be a sunny day. I didn't be given anything, and nothing I've done thus far has been simple. I had to exert myself. Therefore, my experience of a girl from one culture joining another and surviving and navigating it is evidence that things do work out. I'm quite appreciative of my husband's constant support.

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