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Fred Vasseur and Toto Wolff chastised for “inappropriate” swearing in Las Vegas

<p>The leaders of Mercedes and Ferrari, Toto Wolff and Fred Vasseur, received formal warnings on Thursday for using profanity at a press conference at the Las Vegas Grand Prix last weekend.</p>
<p>The stewards at this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix summoned the two principals of Formula One teams and warned them that their actions were “unacceptable.”<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-287654″ src=”” alt=” dublin sees violent unrest following knife attack near school pm varadkar left sho” width=”1166″ height=”613″ title=”Fred Vasseur and Toto Wolff chastised for "inappropriate" swearing in Las Vegas 3″ srcset=” 310w,×79.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1166px) 100vw, 1166px” /></p>
<p>The International Motoring Federation (FIA), which oversees the sport, said that their comments during a dispute on the state of the Las Vegas track were “not consistent” with their principles and that Wolff and Vasseur served as role models for the sport.</p>
<p>The authority said, “Going forward, the FIA regards language of this type to be unacceptable, particularly when used by athletes with a high public profile who are viewed as role models by many, especially younger followers of the sport.”</p>
<p>“Go forward, the FIA will not allow any stakeholder to use such language in FIA forums.”</p>
<p>The stewards acknowledged the existence of mitigating factors.</p>
<p>After Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz struck a loose drain cover during the first practice, which stopped the session in only nine minutes and caused a two-hour delay for the second, Vasseur became enraged and cursed at him over the damage to his vehicle.</p>
<p>Sainz’s car had so severe damage that it had to be completely rebuilt using new components, including a power unit, earning the Spaniard a 10-place grid penalty.</p>
<p>Vasseur was “extremely upset and frustrated by the incident,” according to the stewards, who also noted that he used uncommon language in his rant.</p>
<p>The FIA said that the language used at the press conference was unexpected and caused a sudden interruption. As a result, it cannot be considered typical of this team principal.</p>
<p>Wolff received a punishment for his defense of the circuit and the event after the problems on the first day of competition.</p>

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