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‘Let’s Pause & Celebrate Friendship,’ Sachin Tendulkar Says, Sharing a ‘Priceless’ Photograph with His ‘First Bunch of Friends’

<p>Friendship Day, observed on the first Sunday in August, is a day when individuals send their best wishes to their friends. And in a society where social media dominates, individuals post images and tag others to mark significant occasions. One of the most active users on social media, Indian batting star Sachin Tendulkar often shares photos and videos with his followers to maintain their interest. On August 6, he celebrated friendship day by sharing an old photo with a large group of his buddies.</p>
<p>The master blaster uploaded a photo on Instagram on Sunday showing a younger version of himself maybe standing with some of his buddies.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-114698″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1473″ height=”1105″ srcset=” 720w,×113.png 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1473px) 100vw, 1473px” /></p>
<p>“Let’s stop and enjoy friendship amongst the commotion! now on #FriendshipDay, I think back to my first group of Sahitya Sahwas buddies and those precious memories that instantly put a smile on my face. I feel blessed to still be in contact with them now, Sachin said on Instagram.</p>
<p>“Tag such friends of yours and let them know that they’re special,” he further said.</p>
<p>Sachin has also gained some wonderful pals in the cricketing community. Legendary Shane Warne, who went suddenly last year after suffering a heart attack, was one of his close friends.</p>
<p>On the first anniversary of Warne’s passing earlier in March, Sachin sent a poignant letter to commemorate his “great friend” who he had many memorable on-field clashes with.</p>
<p>“We have engaged in some iconic clashes and had some unforgettable experiences off the field. I miss you as a terrific friend in addition to a fantastic cricket player. With your charisma and sense of humor, Warnie, I have no doubt that you are making paradise even more endearing than it always was. Tendulkar sent a message on Twitter.</p>
<p>In 29 international matches, the two legendary cricketers squared off, with Warne defeating Tendulkar four times.</p>
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