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Avinash Sachdev confesses his feelings for Falaq Naazz on Bigg Boss OTT 2

<p>Without romance, what good is the Bigg Boss house? There was a lot of drama and brutal fighting when the second season of its OTT spin-off began, but romance and flings seemed to be lacking. But now that participant Avinash Sachdev has bravely admitted his affections for Falaq Naazz on the program, it seems that love is blossoming in full force inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house. When Avinash chooses to be open about his feelings for Falaq, the pair can be seen lounging on a couch in the segment’s film. The Chotti Babu celebrity says he wanted to confess while he was on the program.</p>
<p>When he tells Falaq, who seems somewhat shocked by the news, he is asked whether he has ever spoken to Jiya or Jad about his sentiments. They are unaware that he is ready to make the confession, Avinash says while declining. However, Avinash acknowledges that people have told him he looks well with Falaq and that their relationship is “organic.”<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-63209″ src=”×422.png” alt=”” width=”1582″ height=”890″ srcset=”×422.png 750w,×576.png 1024w,×432.png 768w,×220.png 390w,×84.png 150w, 1280w” sizes=”(max-width: 1582px) 100vw, 1582px” /></p>
<p>Avinash is heard informing Jiya Shankar and Jay Hadid about the love declaration in a later video from the same day. Jiya yells with delight, and Jad beams contagiously. Avinash clarifies that he merely expressed his emotions; Falaq has not responded to him. Falaq didn’t respond with a “yes” or “no. Regarding her response, he remarked, “She claimed my priorities and focus are someplace else.</p>
<p>Avinash made it clear that he doesn’t anticipate a response from her. He thinks that because he had sensations within the home, he must likewise express them while participating in the program. He said that he didn’t know when he would be unexpectedly evicted and that he didn’t want to later regret not alerting her.</p>
<p>Jiya Shankar and Jad Hadid have been making fun of and supporting the pair for a while now. She reveals how many close to him have seen their chemistry and have speculated that they would get together. Jiya says she is happy that Avinash finally recognized his emotions and confided in Falaq.</p>
<p>It’s still uncertain if Falaq would wind up friend-zoning Avinash rather than returning his affection.</p>
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